2018 Goals

New Years is the time to start setting goals and looking forward to a new year, and all that you can achieve. Every year I try to make new years resolutions, but rarely ever stick to them. I hope that by actually putting my goals for the year ahead out to the world it will actually make me try to keep on track and achieve them this year!

Be Healthy

I know that losing weight is everyones new years resolution, especially after a December filled with indulgence and over eating, but I really do want to stick to this resolution. With travelling for work so much, I eat out almost every day of the week, and eat whatever I want. Of course, because of this I have piled on weight. My plan for 2018 is to make more conscious, healthy decisions, cook for myself more, and try to work out at least three times a week. I would love to get back to a weight where I felt more confident in my own skin, and healthier and happier in myself. But for me, being healthy just doesn’t relate to my weight. I want to eat healthier so I can nourish my body better. I want to go to sleep earlier so when my alarm goes at 7 for work, I’m not constantly snoozing it until I have fifteen minutes to get ready. But most of all, I want to know that my body is healthy, and not have worries at the back of my mind about my chances of developing heart disease or diabetes from a terrible diet.

Get me back to this please!

Improve my Skin Care

One thing I always say I want to do is start a proper skin care routine for myself. I’m lucky if I wipe of my makeup with some micellar water and give my face a wipe with a facecloth! Over the next few days I’m going to try to research what products I should be using for my skin and invest in them. I want to get a good evening and morning skin care routine down and really take care of my skin. My mum has amazing skin for her age, and if I want to continue getting ID’d well in to my twenties I really need to take better care of my skin.

Blog More

I started my blog as a hobby, and I feel like I have completely abandoned it over the past few months with work. I never have taken it seriously, or thought that it’s anything more than an outlet for my creativity, but I have really missed taking time to myself to sit and write about things that I’m passionate about, or really love. Starting to blog was one of the best decisions I made in 2017, but in 2018 I really want to give myself more time to write and enjoy it more.
Under the umbrella of blogging more, I really would love to up my Instagram game! I see so many bloggers with such amazing feeds and I would love my Instagram to look half as good as theirs! Something I’ve really found that I love about blogging is trying to take cool photos and I would really love to improve my photography skills over the coming year!

IMG_8891 (1)

Start Saving Money

One of the perks of having a real person job is that I actually have money, but unfortunately I constantly blow it all in Zara and River Island. (I really should just invest in shares in Zara or Victoria Square at this stage) One of my biggest goals, and needs, for 2018 is to start saving my money and spending it more wisely! There’s no need for me to spend 20 quid a weekend on take aways, and too much to count on taxis because I’m too lazy to wait ten minutes for the 8A to arrive! I want to go on another amazing holiday this year, and if I want to have money to do that I need to stop wasting my money on things I don’t even need. Although saying this, I will continue to treat myself to some small splurges, just not as often as I do currently (aka going to town every Saturday AND Sunday and spending a fortune!)

Stop Biting My Nails

This is by far my worst habit, and I have only started it again recently! I used to bite my nails when I was younger and haven’t done it for years, but for some reason I started again and can’t seem to stop! I really hate that I do it and maybe by publicly shaming myself here, it will actually make me stop it! My goals is to have nice, long and shaped nails again, and finally kick this habit for good.

Keep in Contact With People From Home

Being at home over Christmas has just made me aware of how long it has been since I have seen my friends and family. I am notoriously bad for calling my mum and dad, but I rarely ever call my friends from home. I love how we can all come home and it’s like no time has passed, but this year I am going to try to text, Skype, call, Facetime and even write my friends if it comes to it in, an effort to keep in contact more.

I miss my Donegal babies too much!


I have a mini January goal of actually sticking to a dry January, and a sweets-free January. If I can actually stick to this I think I might actually be able to stick to my other resolutions for the year. I’ve never been able to stick to dry Jan before (which says a lot about me) but I’m determined to do it this year

Hopefully I will be looking back on this post next year, and know that I have actually succeeded!

Thanks for reading

Emily xx



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  1. I hope you achieve all your New Year Goals! Many Blessings, Grace. xo

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