Current River Island Favourites

Recently my blog has gone a bit quiet, and it’s because I’ve been so busy recently! I have started working two jobs in River Island and an office in Letterkenny. I really love my jobs, the people I’m working with are so lovely and welcoming, and I especially love working in RI as I love being able to see what’s new in store (But this isn’t great for my bank balance) and I love being able to advise people on clothes and style people’s outfits for them. As the Summer sale is starting to come to an end and the sale section in store gets smaller, there are new pieces coming in that I am absolutely in love with and can’t wait until I get my staff discount so I can pick them up!

The first thing I picked up recently is this red floral mini skirt. The bright colour and floral pattern are perfect for summer. I love A-line style skirts like this and it’s perfect to wear in to work with a pair of runners, or on a night out with a pair of high heels. I’m definitely going to be bringing this with me on my upcoming holiday to Barcelona! I love the colour red against tan skin (of course mine will be from a bottle though)

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 21.52.20

The iconic Gucci t-shirt has been all over social media this summer, and so many high street shops have been doing dupes. Of course I had to pick up the River Island version! I love it with my red floral skirt, and of course with jeans. There are actually a few t-shirts I’ve seen online that are inspired by this top too so if you can see which one you prefer.

I seen online that the skirt and t-shirt were styled together so I wore this to work one day and got so many compliments on my outfit!


I think this black floral playsuit is so flattering. I’m utterly obsessed and can’t believe it’s sold out in my size so I hope it comes back in to store or else I’ll have to order it online! Recently one of my friends wore it to a festival which I think it’s perfect for, and the River Island Style Studio’s Instagram showed an RI stylist dressing it down with some loafers, but I would love to wear it with some shoe boots to dress it up a bit for a girly look.

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 22.21.59.png

Speaking of shoe boots I am craaaaaaving these black heeled shoe boots! So perfect for summer and I would definitely wear them throughout the year for nights out. I love this kind of shoe with a dress or jeans and fifty euro for a fab pair of shoes isn’t too bad for me.

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 22.27.05.png


I love this white puff sleeve bardot top is really beautiful and it’s currently on offer! It’s down to €25 after being originally priced at €37! It comes in a couple of different colours and prints too. I really love the navy gingham style it’s available in too.

IMG_9446Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 22.28.35

How beautiful are these embellished jeans? The best part is that they’re available in regular, short and long too. It’s so hard for me to find jeans that fit me well and I’ve been a big fan of RI jeans for years now. They’re so soft and was really well. By far the best jeans I’ve found on the high street!

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 22.37.12

I don’t know what I think about these fluffy sliders. I really love them but I don’t know if realistically I would wear them very often, especially with Irish weather. They do come in a few different colours and I think they’re class with black jeans. I think these white embellished sliders are so beautiful too and probably more wearable.


Hopefully I will be posting more often than I have in the last while!

Thanks for reading,
Emily xx



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  1. I LOVE the shoes you are wearing with the white off shoulder top! Cute outfits!

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